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Land Clearing

Land Clearing, St Cloud, FL

At PC Grading, Inc., we provide environment-friendly, low-impact, and sustainable land clearing services. We are fully equipped to handle different types and sizes of projects. We can utilize forestry mulching heads mounted on full-sized excavators and rubber-tucked crawlers to complete your projects. Our years of experience in the industry, along with certified professionals, give us all the edge we need to stand out for our quality services.

Equipped with the Right Tools

Our land clearing services involve the application of heavy equipment to cut down the most difficult trees, haul away rocks and debris, and remove brush that may hinder your crew’s progress. We have the expertise and the tools required to turn an overgrown or rocky terrain into a blank canvas for you to develop.

Whenever and wherever machines cannot do the job, we follow the traditional methods using hand tools and elbow grease to ensure that the job is done right.


We have also invested in special land clearing equipment to deal with brush and trees. We use a special carbide cutter attachment for masticating the selected greenery. It helps in achieving faster results and turns everything into beautiful mulch on different types of terrain. One of the key benefits of the method is that it reduces the chances of soil erosion.

There are several advantages of mastication over traditional methods of managing vegetation. This includes:

  • Eliminating the material that would otherwise need to be hauled away
  • Preventing the need for burning the material
  • The mulch material left behind is beneficial for the soil
  • All the stumps are ground flush and leveled

Why Choose PC Grading?

PC Grading can be your one-stop-shop provider for all your right-of-way clearing and other access-related requirements. Our team has experience handling the most difficult land clearing tasks and working in the toughest conditions. Whatever the size of the challenge, we have achieved the optimal results for our clients. Even when we are always ready to deal with challenging conditions, we are fully committed to everyone’s safety.

Our personnel is trained and encouraged to use proper gear, precautions, procedures, and take the right measures to ensure optimal safety. We never put the wellbeing of our employees at risk to rush through a job or cut corners. At the end of a workday, we love to see our employees return to their homes safely.

Besides, we are also focused on assisting our clients to meet the various environmental regulations for completing their projects. When you select our services, you can be certain that compliance will never be an issue. We are always driven by the goal to solve our clients’ problems in our area of expertise.

We would be eager to discuss all the different benefits we can offer you with our services. Our experienced professionals can explain how your property and you can benefit from mastication and other special methods we have developed. To learn more about our land clearing services or to get a quote for your project, feel free to give us a call at 407-891-9621.

We Provide Services to the Following Cities, Towns, Counties, and Surrounding Regions of FL:

Counties: Volusia, Brevard, Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, Seminole.


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